Open: 8:30a.m.-18:00p.m.
Iwakashira Agaru, Korogi-Bashi, Yamanaka-Onsen, Kaga-Shi, Ishikawa-Ken
Tel: +81 761 78 0160
20 minutes from JR Kaga Onsen Station
1 minute from Korogi-Bashi



The finest Samurai Shoin-zukuri houses in the Kaga domain
– Splendid exhibit of fine arts of samurai culture


This Shoin still keeps the old traditions of the culture of the samurai with great authenticity in its construction.
Please note the samurai era architecture together with the high level of building technology achieved at the time when this Shoin was removed from the city of Kanazawa and rebuilt here during the Taisho Period (1912〜1926).


In the ranma or transom to the adjoining room, an artificial wood carving is embedded within a frame shaped in Japanese quince. On the left side, the moon is shown in the break of clouds, and on the right side a large pine tree extends its branches widely. Each side of the ranma creates a unified composition and a large blank space is given in the central part. This makes an amazing view of slopes with a big pine tree. This ranma carving plays one of the starring roles of the Shoin-zukuri house together with elegant views of shohekiga, paintings on room partitions

Natural Garden
The view of Korogi-bashi (Cricket Bridge) from the garden is quite beautiful and tasteful. We can enjoy the music of the brook while wandering in the garden.



Basho Garden and Seisei-an teahouse, removed from Tokyo Art Club in Tokyo

Seisei-an teahouse was located in the premises of Duke Asano. The Asano family is very famous from the events memorialized in the Tale of the 47 Ronin. This teahouse was the only one that remained unburned in Tokyo after the air raids on Japan’s capital city during World War II, and it is also known that General MacArthur and his wife enjoyed the tea ceremony in the house during their stay in Tokyo.


Tessen-e Uchiwa or fan with Clematis flowers fabricated by Korin Ogata